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Our Sunday Worship services are the most exciting place in town! In our Spirit-led services people are delivered from sin and oppression, healed of their afflictions and empowered to live overcoming lives. 

Worship is led by anointed musicians and singers who are dedicated to ushering in the glory of the Lord.

The Word of God is preached with anointing, conviction, and demonstration in the Spirit.

The altar is a place where lives are restored, families are healed and individuals are filled with the “Gift of the Spirit.” We try our best to plan and prepare, but each Sunday the Spirit falls and leads us into His purpose for that service. 

If you have never experienced the transforming presence of the Holy Ghost, you owe it to yourself to visit and experience Pentecost and all of its POWER!


Our Wednesday evenings are centered on a deeper study and examination of God’s Word - The Bible.  We have age-appropriate classes where children, teens and adults have an opportunity to fulfill the Lord’s command when He instructed us to “search the Scriptures...”