An Invitation to Imagine!


Imagine a new sanctuary full of newly baptized believers that you have never before met. Imagine the church tripling in size and reaching deeper into our community with the Apostolic message. Imagine our ministries expanding, changing lives and the communities in which we live. This is the vision God has given us and now is the time to see it fulfilled. 

The Book of Acts church possessed a pioneer spirit that propelled them forward. “Go Ye!” was their hearts’ cry. We, too, feel that same spirit driving us forward with a burden to reach our communities with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Like them, we must hear the cry of unsaved souls and answer the call. Every generation must reach their generation. It is our responsibility... it is our duty... it must become our passion! 

Our Imagine Campaign has barely started and we are already having miracles!

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For 20 years, Solid Rock Church has been a light to the community of Ann Arbor. Many have 
sacrificed to lay the foundation of this work. Now the Lord is asking us to open our eyes of faith and imagine another step forward in this journey. God is calling us to expand the ministries of our church by building a new sanctuary with the potential to triple the number of souls we can reach for Christ. Erecting a 500-seat sanctuary and expanding our parking lot is the first step of IMAGINE. We will then repurpose our present building to become an expansive student center for youth and children. Our ultimate vision is to expand the reach of our ministries to reach 1000 souls. 

While the vision is clear, we must awaken our resolve and rise to the challenge before us. It is our time to sacrifice for the cause of Christ. We must take up our cross and walk forward to fulfill the vision God has given us. Our children and grandchildren will reap the rewards of our sacrifice and be inspired by our willingness to shoulder this burden.

I believe it is for such a time as this that we have come to the kingdom. We must step out of the boat and fasten our eyes upon Jesus. We must hear the words of the prophet and those that have built before us: 

“Take heed now; for the Lord hath chosen thee to build an house for the sanctuary: be strong, and do it.”

(1 Chronicles 28:10)

Rev. Brian Jones 
Senior Pastor